Monday, July 11, 2011

Chavez Moran: Partnering for Progress

As a retired businessman and now philanthropist, Daniel Chavez Moran recognizes the power of partnerships in pursuing growth strategies. That is why the Vidanta Foundation, founded by Chavez Moran in 2005, works with internationally recognized institutions from all across the Americas to promote the study of intra-Latin American relations, the integration of Latin America with the rest of the world, and the strengthening of democracy and economic opportunity. Affiliated institutions include:

Among these, the Organization of American States is the world’s oldest regional organization dating back to the First International Conference of American States, held in Washington, D.C., from October 1889 to April 1890.  The OAS brings together all 35 independent states of the Americas in order to achieve among its member states “an order of peace and justice, to promote their solidarity, to strengthen their collaboration, and to defend their sovereignty, their territorial integrity, and their independence.”   
For more information on the work of Daniel Chavez Moran, read here.  

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