Friday, July 15, 2011

Chavez Moran Notes Economic News

Daniel Chavez Moran shares this economic news from the Global Entrepreneur Indicator Business Environment Report, as published in a recent Wall Street Journal article:

“Canadian, Caribbean and Latin-American entrepreneurs have the most positive economic outlook, according to the Global Entrepreneur Indicator Business Environment Report released Friday...More than 90 percent of Canadian entrepreneurs expect improvement in the economy in the coming six months. Nearly three-quarters of entrepreneurs from the Caribbean and Latin America said the same.”

This is good news for the overall economy of Latin America, as the Global Entrepreneur Indicator notes:
“Entrepreneurs and their businesses drive the global business landscape. Tomorrow’s jobs and innovations begin with today’s business owners.”
Other key findings in the report:

  • A large majority of entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Latin America / Caribbean regions have experienced an increase in profits in the past six months.
  • Latin American / Caribbean entrepreneurs lead the pack regarding increases in net profits over the past six months (66%), but only by a very small margin over the U.S. (64%).
  • A much greater proportion of entrepreneurs in the Latin America / Caribbean region have increased their use of debt instruments over the past six months (42%), than those who have either decreased (25%) or maintained (28%) their debt load.
Here's an infographic visually displaying some of this information:

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