Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chavez Moran: Promoting Social Science and the Common Good

The new website for the Vidanta Foundation, one of the foundations of philanthropist Daniel Chavez Moran, clearly outlines the mission of the nonprofit organization: To promote social sciences and culture with a focus on Latin America to the benefit of all with a special interest in academia and policymaking.

The Foundation’s main objectives are to:
  • Generate and spread awareness of the factors determining the gap in political, economic and social development that holds Latin America back from achieving the standards of economic growth and welfare that characterizes developed countries.
  • Actively influence the formulation of public policies designed to strengthen democracy, promote economic and social development and reduce poverty and social inequality in Latin America.
  • Promote the field of Latin American studies, and the analysis of Latin American international relations and the strategies for a positive integration of the region in the global world of the XXI Century.
  • Promote corporate social responsibility.

For more on Daniel Chavez Moran and the important work of the Vidanta Foundation, read here.

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