Thursday, April 28, 2011

Daniel Chavez Moran’s Guide to Saving Natural Resources

Daniel Chavez Moran’s Guide to Saving Natural Resources
Throughout his 36-year career prior to his 2005 retirement, Daniel Chavez Moran invested heavily in conservation and preservation efforts as a developer of five-star hotels, resorts and golf courses across Latin America. Chavez Moran now offers these resource- and money-saving tips to other entrepreneurs looking for energy and waste reduction ideas:
  • Capture and use recycled water for irrigation
  • Avoiding irrigating during peak sun hours to minimize evaporation
  • Install water-conserving toilets, faucets and showers to reduce water consumption
  • Control in-room air conditioning and lighting consumption during off hours
  • Review utility consumption monthly and devise an action plan to reduce it
  • Close unused rooms and sections of buildings to reduce air conditioning and electricity consumption
  • Use special laundry agents that allow linens to be washed at a lower temperature
  • Look for suppliers that use less cardboard and plastic in their products
  • Compost organic wastes for landscape and garden maintenance
  • Separate and recycle aluminum, paper, plastic, metal and glass to sell to suppliers
  • Implement eco-friendly LED lighting, and use solar heating systems to heat water and pool facilities.

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