Friday, May 6, 2011

Daniel Chavez Moran: Overcoming Challenges

Daniel Chavez Moran is dedicated to helping the countries of Latin America meet the business and economic challenges of this century. His work with the Grupo Vidanta Foundation is possible because of his three decades of business success before his 2005 retirement.

That success did not come without challenges. In 2008, a case was brought against Daniel Chavez Moran and Grupo Mayan Palace, one of the first luxury resorts he founded in 1974. Daniel Chavez Moran successfully defended the integrity of his business practices and the quality of his customer service. A U.S. federal district judge agreed with Chavez Moran, dismissing in its entirety the plaintiff’s case against Daniel Chavez Moran, Grupo Mayan Palace and the other vindicated defendants, Desarollo Marina Vallarta S.A. de C.V., Daniel Omar Chavez, Scott R Erikson, Casey Jon Owens, Canamere Inc., Huffsmith-Kohrville Inc., Preferred Vacations Inc., Premium Travel Services Inc., Resort Solutions Inc., Seven Oceans US Inc., AZM Marketing LLC, Resort Quality Controls Inc., Resort Condominiums International LLC, and Resorts International Marketing Corp.

The judge ruled that the customer’s rights were protected in Grupo Mayan Palace’s contracts, and the vacation ownership purchase decision was entirely at the customer’s discretion. With the challenge successfully defeated, the plaintiff filed no appeal. No other case has since been filed against Chavez Moran or Grupo Mayan Palace, now known as Mayan Resorts.

Mayan Resorts features over 20 top leisure developments in Latin America designed to meet the unique vacation needs of its members and users. Daniel Chavez Moran now focuses his time and energy pursuing the philanthropic goals of Fundación Delia Moran A.C. and the Grupo Vidanta Foundation.

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