Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Daniel Chavez Moran: Creating a Sustainable Future

Daniel Chavez Moran: Creating a Sustainable Future
Prior to retiring in 2005 to focus on his philanthropic work with Fundación Grupo Vidanta, Daniel Chavez Moran introduced green business practices at Grupo Vidanta’s real estate and resort development properties. Chavez Moran understood a sustainable economic future for Latin America includes maintaining and preserving the natural beauty of the environment.

Grupo Vidanta Mayan properties continue to employ these strict energy and waste conservation procedures today. Chavez Moran is proud this continuing commitment to the environment by the executive team now leading Grupo Vidanta has been recognized. The Grand Mayan resort received the 2010 WQC International Star Award of the 24th Annual World Quality Commitment in Paris. The Grand Mayan was recognized in the “Gold Category,” the highest of international standards for respect for the environment, and for the community in which the resort operates, along with its sustainability, customer service and competitive pricing.

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