Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chavez Moran Announces Gov. Richardson as Speaker, Constructing Democratic Governance

Daniel Chavez Moran announces Gov. Richardson
Philanthropist Daniel Chavez Moran is pleased to announce Bill Richardson, former two-term governor of New Mexico, U.S., will be the keynote speaker of the seminar titled "La Construcción de la Gobernabilidad Democrática," sponsored by the non-profit Vidanta Foundation. The seminar will take place on Oct. 6-7, 2011, in Washington, D.C.  Its primary objective will be to present and discuss the main findings of the Vidanta Foundation’s Constructing Democratic Governance series, coordinated by Michael Shifter at the Inter-American Dialogue and Jorge Dominguez at Harvard University.

Gov. Richardson served as the 30th governor of New Mexico from 2003 to 2011. Before being elected governor, Richardson served in the administration of U.S. President Bill Clinton as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, and as Energy Secretary. Richardson has also served as a U.S. Congressman, chairman of the 2004 Democratic National Convention, and chairman of the Democratic Governors Association.

The Constructing Democratic Governance project sponsored by the Vidanta Foundation is concerned with democratic institutions and practice in the Latin America. Scholarly publications resulting from the project have been widely used in college and university classes concerned with democracy in Latin America and have been cited frequently by policy specialists grappling with the complicated issues surrounding democratic progress in the region.

Despite progress in recent years, almost all Latin American countries continue to face challenges, and possible setbacks, to democratic governance and the rule of law. In light of these critical problems, it is productive to once again take an in-depth, systematic look at regional trends in democratic governance. The central purpose of such an assessment is to illuminate current trends and challenges and to make practical lessons available to analysts and key decision makers on Latin American issues.

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