Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daniel Chavez Moran: Constructing Democratic Governance

With support from the Vidanta Foundation, the nonprofit organization founded by Daniel Chavez Moran, the Constructing Democratic Governance series explored democratic institutions and practices in Latin America.
Though the region has seen numerous free and fair elections, almost all Latin American countries continue to face challenges, and possible setbacks, to democratic governance and the rule of law. 

In the Constructing Democratic Governance project, Michael Shifter at the Inter-American Dialogue and Jorge Dominguez at Harvard University, took an in-depth, systematic look at regional trends in democratic governance to illuminate trends and challenges, and to make practical lessons available to analysts and key decision makers on Latin American issues.

In addition to producing a fourth edition of the book with the same title, “Constructing Democratic Governance,” the project included a two-day meeting in Washington, D.C., bringing together the best analysts and academics on democratic governance in Latin America, and engaging the wider policy community in Washington with varied perspectives and interpretations to shed light on political trends.
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