Wednesday, February 16, 2011

About Vidanta Golf's 'Uniting Nations Cup'

Daniel Chavez Moran commented recently on Vidanta Golf's new annual tournament, the Uniting Nations Cup. The tournament will take place at the Mayan Palace's Peninsula de Cortez golf course, designed by famed golf course designer Jack Nicklaus. Javier Licea, Executive Director of the PGA in Mexico, described the course as "challenging and ready for the pros to fully enjoy."

Daniel Chavez Moran stated that he sees this as more than a competitive tournament, but also a way to "strengthen the ties of two nations [US and Mexico] joined by the bonds of history, culture, and business."

To learn more about the first annual Uniting Nations Cup, to be held May 12-15 of 2011, read this article on Yahoo! Finance.

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